Annikken Andee for Android

Easily connect smartphones to the physical world!

With Annikken Andee, you can now expand your smartphone's abilities to monitor and control things in the physical world!

Designed for the widely popular Arduino platform, the Annikken Andee allows you to easily monitor and control electrical devices and gadgets wirelessly via Bluetooth.

We've simplified the entire process with our special hardware and resource library so that even a beginner can easily learn and master the basics in less than an hour to create amazing things!

to Learn

We've designed Annikken Andee to be easy to learn so that a beginner with no background in programming can master the basics in less than an hour!

to Use

Need a button or a display box? No problem! Just add a few lines of code and you're done! Upload the program to Arduino, connect your smartphone to the Andee, and your customised user interface will appear!

How does Annikken Andee work?


Step 1
Wire your connections!

Plug the Annikken Andee into Arduino, and connect the electrical components that you want to control.


Step 2
Code in Arduino!

Need a button, a display box, or a slider control? No problem! Just add a few lines of code into Arduino and you're done!


Step 3
Connect your smartphone and you're done!

You're now ready to have some fun with your smartphone!


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Monitoring and Control
made easy!





We've made it easy for you to customise your smartphone's user interface so that you can focus more on developing something really great without the hassle!




What users have to say about Annikken Andee



I am new to programming and recently purchased the Annikken Andee and I already love it!

- Dave G.


This is my first time with an Arduino and with Andee. So far I have everything working. Great learning experience and your tutorials help.

- Nathan R.

I'm loving my Annikken Andee!

- Brandon H.


You guys and gals are great. I am glad I backed you and will back any future products. Thanks for the excellent customer support.

- Gary F.





A Variety of Options for Customisation!

Annikken Andee allows you to customise your very own smartphone user interface, capable of controlling your electronics in a variety of ways!


Display Box

Use display boxes to display information like sensor readings and more!




Program buttons to do all kinds of things for you! You can even program different actions for single-press, double-press, and even press-and-hold gestures!



Text Input

Text input buttons allow you to send text from your smartphone to the Arduino!



Date/Time Inputs

Use date/time inputs to schedule tasks!



Slider Controls

Continuous and discrete slider controls allow you to have the greatest flexibility to control your outputs and more!



Push Notifications and SMS

Push notifications to your smartphone or send an SMS message to another recipient! With your smartphone connected to the Annikken Andee, you don't have to watch your screen to be notified of events.



Customise with Style!

Easily beautify your user interface with our preset colour themes!




We've also included 130+ preset colour codes for you to customise your user interface the way you like it!




Additional Features


Text-to-Speech (TTS)

Let Arduino trigger your smartphone to speak!



Camera Control

Let Arduino take photos using your smartphone's camera. You also have the option of using auto-focus and flash!



Graph View

Press and hold on a display box to view your data as a graph!




Instantly connect by tapping your NFC smartphone to a pre-programmed NFC tag! Connecting has never been easier!



Advanced Bluetooth Controls

Use Bluetooth signal strength to control the Arduino! You can also do MAC address filtering to keep intruders out!



SD Card Reader/Writer

Not enough memory on your Arduino? Not a problem! You can store data on an SD card and retrieve the information easily with our SD card library functions.


Buy now!

Annikken Andee

Already got an Arduino? Get the Annikken Andee now!

This pack comes with:

  • 1x Annikken Andee (Android)
Annikken Andee and Arduino Uno Bundle

Enjoy great savings with this bundle!

This bundle comes with:

  • 1x Annikken Andee (Android)
  • 1x Arduino Uno (original)
Annikken Andee Quick-Start Bundle

Play with Annikken Andee immediately once taken out of the box!

This bundle comes with:

  • 1x Annikken Andee (Android)
  • 1x Companion Board (Leonardo Compatible)
  • 1x Aurora Shield*
  • 1x Exciting App that comes with the bundle
* scan the QR Code to catch a glimpse of the Aurora Shield!
Annikken Andee Starter Kit

A great kit for beginners! Learn how to create all kinds of fun, interesting and useful applications using both the Arduino and your smartphone! We'll even provide you with an education resource to teach you how to become a pro with the Arduino and the Annikken Andee!

This kit comes with:

  • 1x Annikken Andee (Android)
  • 1x Arduino Uno (original)
  • 1x Breadboard
  • 1x 16×2 LCD Display (blue light)
  • 1x 10k ohm Potentiometer
  • 1x Relay Module (Max rating of 250VAC, 10A)
  • 1x TMP36 Temperature Sensor
  • 1x Buzzer
  • 2x 9g Servos
  • 2x Light Dependent Resistors (light sensors)
  • 5x Common Cathode RGB LEDs
  • 5x 10k ohm resistors
  • 25x LEDs (five colours)
  • 30x Jumper Wires
  • 50x 220 ohm resistors

We can deliver the Annikken Andee to you anywhere around the world! We've even got FedEx express delivery options to make sure you get your order as soon as possible! Just add any of these items to your shopping cart to view our delivery options.

If you have any questions about international shipping or bulk orders, write to us!

Technical Specifications



Dimensions: 6.8cm (L) x 5.3cm (B) x 2.3cm (H)
Weight: 24 grams

Software Resources

  • 1x Andee Library for Arduino IDE (or IDE of Development Boards based on Arduino layout)
  • 1x Android App

These resources are available free of charge from our website.


Annikken Andee is compatible with the following boards:

  • Arduino Uno
  • Arduino Leonardo
  • Arduino Mega
  • Arduino Due
  • Femtoduino (see Instructions)


Wired connection to Arduino (or other boards) via SPI.
Wireless connection to Android devices via Bluetooth 2.1, using BlueGiga WT11i Bluetooth Class 1 Module


Annikken Andee is capable of the following:

  • Easily create and program smartphone graphical user interface from Arduino IDE
  • Create as many display boxes, buttons and slider controls as you need
  • Graph view
  • Schedule tasks by date/time
  • NFC-ready
  • Send SMS
  • Push notifications
  • Trigger smartphone camera to take photos (with flash and auto-focus)
  • SD Card Reader/Writer
  • Text-to-Speech

Minimum Requirements

  • 1x Compatible Board (as listed above)
  • 1x Android device (running Android 4.0 and above) with Bluetooth capability

Optional Requirements:

  • SMS capability and SIM card to send SMS
  • NFC Reader for NFC function

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