US$99 for Arduino(Android Only)

US$129 for Arduino(iOS/Android)

US$79 for micro:bit (micro:bit not included)

A Programmable Remote Controlled Car

Available For Arduino and micro:bit

Learn to program your car to perform a series of tasks or create widgets on your mobile phone using the AndeeMobile library to control it via bluetooth. Get creative!

Free Interactive Lessons

iOS & Android

Programmable Movement

Programmable Lights

Customizable Widgets

Addon Sensors

Free Interactive Lessons

AndeeMobile includes a free interactive learning courseware to anyone eager to learn coding in an interactive way. Lessons are crafted around the AndeeMobile.

iOS & Android Connectivity

Connect to iOS and Android using bluetooth 4.0. Code with in the Arduino IDE or micro:bit's MakeCode and control your car from your mobile devices.

Programmable Movement

Easily program movements for the car. Whether its moving forward or turning, we got it covered!

Programmable Lights

Spice up your car by switching on the headlights or tail lights at your command.

Customizable Widgets

Create your own widget on your mobile device to control your car. Use gauges to display speed, buttons to switch on/off lights or slider to control speed. There's full flexibility on what to create!

Choose from a selection of widgets to create:


Displays text to provide a context for your UI.


Allows you to code what happens on a button press event.

Gauge Display

Displays numerical ratios. Value changes are animated


Allows for fine grain controls for user set values to control your Arduino.

Addon Sensors

Add your own sensors to make your car more interactive to the surrounding environment.

Available for Arduino and micro:bit

AndeeMobile is available on both Arduino and micro:bit platforms. Its functions are the same across the platforms. The difference between them is the method and difficulty of programming.


Programming is done within the Arduino IDE.

Programming with Arduino requires familiarity with Arduino programming syntax.


Block programming with micro:bit MakeCode.

MakeCode's drag n drop block programming interface makes it to easy program without knowledge of programming syntax.