Create Widgets to Control Your Arduino Without Coding

EasyAndee allows you to easily create customized widgets to control your Arduino. Get data readings from your Arduino and display it in your mobile device. Everything is done inside our Annikken Andee App. No coding is required! It is that simple!

EasyAndee works with Andee U, Andee iOS, Andee Android, Arduino 101 and is available free for use in the Annikken Andee App.

iOS & Android

No Coding Required

Customizable Widgets

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Free EasyAndee Library

iOS & Android Compatible

EasyAndee works with both iOS and Android devices through the Annikken Andee App. EasyAndee can connect to Andee U, Andee iOS, Andee Android and Arduino 101 boards.

No Coding Required

iPhone Mockup Animated Button Creation

Construct widgets to control your Arduino with just a few taps. You can select widgets to display any combination of data, buttons and sliders to control your Arduino. Choose from a selection of common behaviours for each widget and select a pin on your Arduino to control.

Customizable Widgets

iPad Mini Mockup Edit UI

You have the freedom to customize the appearance of your widgets through drag and drop. Feel free to resize your widgets, change its position and colors with a few taps on your mobile device.

Widgets Available

Choose from a selection of widgets to create:


Displays text to provide a context for your UI or display data readings from Arduino pins.


Allows you to trigger single press or toggle events on an Arduino pin.


Allows for fine grain control over your Arduino pwm pins.