Micro:bit works with Annikken Andee App

Micro:bit users can connect their boards to their mobile devices using the Annikken Andee App.

No additional hardware is required! Use the micro:bit internal Bluetooth to connect!

The Andee App has a free access.

iOS & Android

Drag n Drop Programming

Customizable Widgets

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Free Andee Library

iOS & Android Connectivity

Connect to iOS and Android using bluetooth. Program once, view and control on all your devices.

Drag n Drop Programming

Easily program your mobile device to control your Micro:bit using Makecode only. No mobile programming or syntax knowledge required!

Customizable Widgets

Create your own widget from a selection of elements through the Arduino IDE. You have full control over the size and position of the element, text to display, text colors and background color. Let your imagination run wild!

Choose from a selection of UI to create:


Displays text to provide a context for your UI.


Allows you to code what happens on a button press event.

Keyboard Input

Triggers the keyboard on your device for text input.

Date Input

Tiggers a date picker for date selection.

Time Input

Triggers a time picker for time selection.

Gauge Display

Displays numerical ratios. Value changes are animated


Allows for fine grain controls for user set values to control your Arduino.

Free Andee Library

The free Andee library gives you the freedom to use your phone features and create customizable widgets. All these are achieved within Micro:bit's MakeCode. Let the Andee library do the heavy lifting for you!

For instructions on how to get the library, click here.

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