Getting Started

Annikken Andee easily connects to your micro:bit. Watch the videos below to see how easy it is!

Important links are listed below:

Coding with Makecode for Annikken Andee for micro:bit is easy! It is based on block programming which does not require you to know programming syntaxes.

Connecting to your micro:bit from the Annikken Andee app is really easy!

Creating Widgets On Your Smart Device

Quickly and easily create widgets in the Annikken Andee App with your micro:bit. You can create 5 different widgets as follows:

Creating a Databox Widget.
Creating a Button Widget.
Creating a Keyboard Input Widget
Creating a Slider Widget
Creating a Analog Dial Widget

Example Demo

You can import the hex file below into the Makecode IDE to see the blocks used in this example.

Confused On Which Annikken Andee Solution?

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