Annikken Andee is a smart bluetooth shield for Arduino, designed to make mobile integration simple.

Communicate with your Arduino projects through your mobile devices via the Annikken Andee App

Create the functional GUI (Graphic User Interface) on your mobile devices by coding in your Arduino IDE using the Andee Library.

Gateway to Mobile Control

We've simplified the entire process with our special hardware and Arduino library so that you dont need iOS or Android programming to create functional mobile interface for your projects. Buttons, sliders, graphs, text input and many more for all the customisation you need!

Step 1

Arduino open source code is uploaded to your Arduino board.

Step 2

Annikken Andee is a shield for Arduino, designed to make mobile integration simple.

Step 3

Create the UI on our Annikken Andee library by coding in your Arduino IDE.

Easy to Learn

We've designed Annikken Andee to be easy to learn so that a beginner with no background in programming can master the basics in less than an hour!

Easy to Use

Need a button or a display box? No problem! Just add a few lines of code and you're done! Upload the program to Arduino, connect your smartphone to the Andee, and your customised user interface will appear!

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